DancEdge Emerald Concert Information for 2021

This year our concert will be back to normal, with a full theatrical, musical performance at the Emerald Town Hall. The theme will be "Simbafella", with a distinct 70's feel. Tickets will be available from 10am on Saturday 23rd October, after our Hair & Makeup Session, and then can be purchased through the DancEdge Office on Mondays 12pm - 4pm, and Wednesdays 9.30am - 2pm. Tickets may be available other afternoons, as will be advised on our DancEdge Emerald Facebook page.

Rehearsal/Photo Day - This will be held on Sunday 7th November at the Town Hall. More information regarding what is required will be emailed out to DancEdge families.

Hair and Make up Day - We will be running a Hair and Makeup ‘How To’ Day on Saturday 23rd October 2021 for those that need a few tips on how to apply make up and dancers hair styles. Makeup packs will also be available for purchase. It will be held at 9am at the Harris St Hall, with concert tickets available for purchase from 10am.

Video of the Performance - As always, taking photos and videoing of the performance will not permitted. We will have a professional video of the performance being taken, which will be available for purchase by DancEdge family members only.

Concerts - There will be two performances of the "Simbafella" concert, to be held on Friday 12th November and Saturday 13th November, 2021. Doors will open at 6pm for a 6.30pm start. Tickets will be available on both nights, but to avoid the risk of seats booking out, we strongly suggest pre-booking tickets through the DancEdge office.

In line with COVID regulations, we will have a Check In Qld code at all entrances to the Emerald Town Hall and request that all concert attendees show their support by signing in upon entry. All ticketing will be for allocated seats, and we will assign a spare seat between family groups to allow for some social distancing. Thank you for your support, and we look forward to a fantastic end of year performance.

Please email the DancEdge office if you have any queries.

DancEdge Emerald