Concert Notes

Please be prompt and ready to dance at your allocated time.
No parents will be permitted in the auditorium during rehearsals.
All rostered parent, stage and technical helpers also need to be in attendance for technical rehearsal.

*Please remember to keep your costumes covered.

The following information sheets will be emailed out, but can be downloaded here and printed:

- Hair & Makeup Tips (click here for info page)

- Makeup Instructions & Picture (click for info page)

- Points to Remember (click for info page)

Points to remember for performances

*entry is via the supper room door(next to the police station)

*please keep costumes covered coming to and from the hall, this also includes if your child is sitting in the audience

*it is also recommended to refrain from eating whilst in costume so the costume does not get damaged

*bring something to keep younger children entertained eg DS, as they are awaiting to go on stage

*noise is to be kept to a minimum, noise does actually travel through the hall

*parents of jellybeans are welcome to stay if their child is feeling a little unsure

*parents who are not rostered on to help will not be permitted in the supper room area during performances.

*dancers need to be assembled in the supper room area 1 hour prior to each performance

*children need to let their parent carer know where they are at all times

*a big screen will be available for those to see the performance in the supper room